Brave New York


Brave New York, 2004
Directed and produced by Richard Sandler
Feature edited by Dan Brown

"Brave New York," is a free-form documentary that loosely chronicles the last 12 years of intense change in the East Village "hood." From the reopening of a newly curfewed Tompkins Square Park and Wigstock in '92, to the destruction of the cherished Loisaida Community Gardens, to the yuppie invasions of the dot com years, to the present era, indelibly stamped with post 9/11 grief, this durable, lusty neighborhood survives in spite of a real estate gold rush that has excluded all but the well-to-do. The movie's main voices are those of the artists and street people whose wisdom and commentaries upon the dominant culture, give us pause amidst the speedy approach of a "Brave New World."


2004 Rotterdam Film Festival (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
2004 Chicago Underground Film Festival (Chicago, IL)
2004 New York Underground Film Festival (New York, NY)
2004 Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark)